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Very pleased!!

Had fringe and frayed ends of silk rug repaired. Thought it was beyond repair - came back totally refreshed with pristine workmanship

by Gerardo Fernández on Hadeed Oriental Rug Cleaning
Great service!

We have had Hadeed cleaning our rugs multiple times for many years. Very nice and friendly service.

by Miss Margaret on Hadeed Oriental Rug Cleaning
Rugs cleaner then ever

Great service pick up by very knowledgeable people which made me feel comfortable letting my handmade carpets leave my home. They returned cleaner then ever and were placed with care. I will use this service again.


I didn't think it was possible to get our rugs looking like new again but Hadeed did it. I couldn't believe they were the same rugs. They did an outstanding job and they will always get my business.

by Anne & Rusty Gilfillan on Hadeed Oriental Rug Cleaning
Clean rug

Our 38 year old rug looks good as new after the cleaning and refringing. We were very pleased with everything except for one big problem on the delivery. The guys were courteous and helpful in putting back our heavy dining room table.....and then after they left we discovered that the pad was at the fringe on one end and a foot short on the other end. How do they not know to make sure the pad is in the right place??????? We had to undo everything to get it right and I was very upset because it was so difficult for two people. Please instruct your guys to lay the rug properly on the pad!

Great service

I had a 9 x 12 rug clean there it was picked up and delivered. I had some concerns about some stains coming out i.e. Red clay stains my dog had tracked in and every single stain came out can't say enough about this company will use them again!

My oriental treasure restored to original beauty

My children had just moved out and my oriental had taken a beating. Two stains in particular that no one could explain needed attention. I gave it to Hadeed to see what they could do. When they delivered (free of charge) and unrolled my rug I was so delighted with their work. The 2 big stains were gone, the rug was as beautiful as the day I bought it. I also purchased a good quality pad from Hadeed. The price was reasonable (in keeping with online sellers) and makes walking on the rug a dream. The delivery men were on time, professional and very courteous. I highly recommend this wonderful company.

by Gaston Randolph on Hadeed Oriental Rug Cleaning
Very Satisfied

This is the 2d old Persian rug we've had cleaned and repaired by a large, the second smaller...both brought back to life! You can trust your fine rugs to Hadeed.

saved the day

we were starting a major renovation and needed to get our beloved Chinese and oriental rugs out of the way. to our surprise when construction was nearly done so were our rugs. repairs were perfect. we had forgotten beautiful they were. putting our home back together was even more rewarding than we expected. thank you hadeed.

by Stacey Williams on Hadeed Oriental Rug Cleaning
The Best!

I always get my rugs cleaned and fixed at Hadeed, there is no better place!

by Chase Williams on Hadeed Oriental Rug Cleaning
Can i give more than 5 Stars?

I went to pick up my mothers rug from Hadeed cleaning service. I don't know much about rugs or have a lot of interest in them, so i was dreading having to do this for my mom. When i got there i was greeted by Mark Hadeed, and i must tell you that he is amazing. he was very personable, and made rugs sound like the most interesting thing in the world. I have never experienced customer service like this before that it makes me want to come back. Mark was so nice and benevolent that he even gave something to my mom for free. He told me that if you do good things for others, good things will come back to you. that realy stuck with me, and now whenever i get the chance, and someone needs their rug cleaned or any other service Hadeed offers, i will always recommend them.

Great job!

I am very pleased with how clean my rug is! It is a white shag rug so I have to be very careful with it. I had Hadeed clean it in the past and they did an excellent job; once again, they did not disappoint.

Superb Customer Service and Terrific Cleaning

Two young men came and picked up my rug from my home which was a free service that was offered and the two men were very courteous and knowledgeable. They explained to me about some of the spots that were on the rug from a previous dog that I owned should be special treated so that the dog I now had would not make his mark there and I agreed. Once the rug had been cleaned they brought it back to me also as a free service and even helped to set it up in the room where I wanted it and changed it around for me two times until I was satisfied it was the right position in the room. I would highly refer my friends to Hadeed. I will use them again in the future without any hesitation.

Awesome Once Again

Amad (main office) and Mark (manager of the Vienna location), once again did an awesome job of making sure even my small oriental rug got needed repair.

Thank you for your business. We are here to serve

Completely pleased!

This is my second time in 6 weeks to use Hadeed carpet cleaning! Obviously, I was so wow'd the first time, I knew without a doubt I'd take the second rug. STELLAR results, reasonably priced, quick turn-around. Kudos, Hadeed!

Superb customer service

"Bo" our rug delivery guy was not only courteous, polite and professional, but he also made my day! His award winning smile and friendliness towards my young son made me one happy customer!

by JoanElaine Justice on Hadeed Oriental Rug Cleaning
Excellent job

Dropped off a second hand large 8 x12 wool rug. They did an excellent job cleaning it and delivered it within a week.


I am very happy with the way that our rug came out!! It is very clean and the customer service was great. The pick up/delivery guys were great too. Very friendly.

Always excellent

With 3 dogs we are "frequent flyers" and always happy with the service. Thank you!

by Steve Rogers on Hadeed Oriental Rug Cleaning
Rug Cleaning . Repair

We recently had 3 rugs cleaned and repaired at your location in Vienna- Mark could not have been more helpful and we were called with an estimate and everything went perfect - highly recommend your company.

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